Earn with Safe Staking

Generate higher, more reliable yield on your tokens with full protection from impermanent loss.

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Bancor’s novel Safe Staking technology allows you to earn high yield with less risk.

Stake only one token and maintain 100% upside exposure, while remaining fully protected from impermanent loss and earning up to 40% APR.

Safe Staking

Earn with the only decentralized liquidity protocol that protects you from impermanent loss

What’s IL?

Single-Token Staking

Deposit one token, stay exposed to one token. Earn with 100% upside exposure.

Protect Your Principal

Bancor tracks the value of your staked tokens as if you were holding them in your wallet and ensures at least the same value is returned when you withdraw, plus fees and liquidity mining rewards.


Interest earned on Bancor is automatically re-invested, compounding your gains.

Audited for safety

Battle-tested with billions traded per month. 96% DeFi Safety score and audited 6+ times.

Earn more on the tokens you love without impermanent loss

Safely StakeLearn How

  Avg APY range* Staking
Centralized platforms APY range*
8% Alt 0%
Single-token staking
Bancor Safe Staking APY range*
10%   0%
Single-token staking
Other AMMs APY range*
60% Alt 60%
Require equal amounts of two tokens

*APY data for representation purposes only.

Our communitySpeaks for themselves

The fact that my monthly @Bancor pool rewards are equivalent to about 6-7 rental properties worth of monthly income is blowing my mind a little bit

No risk, no headaches, no maintenance bills, property taxes, problematic tenants, and its all automated.

Feeling very comfy. $BNT

@Bancor is probably the best platform to earn interest on your crypto without worrying about it.

Pro tip: Either keep staking your rewards and compound rates, or withdraw your rewards and stack them as you continue to earn more.

If you have enough $USDC at any point in this bull market, you can stake it @Bancor@Bancor and retire your 9 - 5 job.

In 3 years, my modest monthly compounding on Bancor is going to give me enough income to live on. $BNT

I pushed all-in back in late December....this has been one helluva ride so far.

And now I'm having the same feelings like I might TRULY see financial freedom. Like "retire early and live off the investment juice" freedom.

Love you long time! 🚀💯🤘

Would highly recommend @Bancor. Way higher APY.

Turn on @BancorBot for notifications when there’s room to deposit $LINK. The second you get a notification race over to put it in.

The rewards are amazing so everyone wants their link in there. I have all my link in @Bancor

Staking on @Bancor platform is incredible. 100 days of staking and guaranteed against impermanent loss. It's astounding that so many finance people don't actually participate in yield generation opportunities in the crypto space. I'm getting 60% yield. Unbothered by vol ✌️

We’re on a mission to protect DeFi

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